If my father were to (ever) read my blog, the first thing he’d berate me about is the name I chose – Olorungemstone. Olorungemstone is a mixture of English and the Nigerian language, Yoruba. I am proudly Igbo and there’s no trace of Yoruba in my blood so it’s a wonder I’m using that name… Continue reading Olorungemstone

Love & Other Mysteries

Happy birthday darling Adams!

This man God has seen fit to bless me with, he is called Adams. He brings me joy. He makes my heart go kedike. He is a man after God’s heart. He puts God first ALL the time. He shows me kindness and is never harsh with me. When I go off on a tangent,… Continue reading Happy birthday darling Adams!


It’s The Little Things That Matter

This was written in September 2010. You can find it here. On Tuesday last week, I was supposed to be home sleeping or watching a movie or doing whatever I please but I had to go to work and before I got to the office, I had to stop by at my boss’s house to… Continue reading It’s The Little Things That Matter

Life's stories

The Waiting Game

Written in March 2009. You can find it here. Whether it’s for a child or for that perfect spouse or that dream job. Whatever it is I find that everyone and I mean every single person I know is waiting on God for something. My sister just finished serving her country and is waiting for… Continue reading The Waiting Game


Step Up Revolution

Ahhhhhhh! This movie MUST be the BOMB oh! Because the trailer is already make my heart thump real fast!!!! Can you hear it? I have to find a way to watch this in the cinemas oh… And my guy is in it again – Moooooossssseeeee! By the way, can we do protest art in Nigeria?… Continue reading Step Up Revolution

Life's stories

Aal Izz Well

This was previously published by me in a note on facebook here. I wrote it in March 2011. Enjoy… Last night I watched an Indian movie titled 3 Idiots and I gotta say thank God for Indian films. My friends Doyin Akinwunmiju & Kingsley Iweka convinced me to go watch it & I finally did… Continue reading Aal Izz Well