GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari

So there’s this debate, right. It’s been on for more than a year & it rears it’s head once in a while. Are there other options apart from these 2? Please show them to me. These 2 seem to be the most outspoken, they have come out of the closet concerning running in 2015 even if not altogether blatantly but we know sha. I haven’t heard of any others but I am terribly curious. I’m not good at hints & innuendos so if they’ve been tweeting their intention to run, I haven’t grasped it yet.

Now back to these ogas. Come 2015, I will vote for Buhari again if these are the only options presented. If the options in 2015 are GEJ, GMB & DM, I will vote for Buhari. If the options in 2015 are GEJ, GMB, DeleMomodu & Okotie, I will vote for Buhari.

What are the other options? Are there alternatives? Right now, I do not have any other scenarios or combinations to put forth. If you do, please let me in on it.

Or maybe, just maybe, I can try this staying-at-home-on-election-day a lot of Nigerians do.

5 thoughts on “GoodluckEbeleJonathan vs. GeneralMuhammaduBuhari

  1. Staying at home on election day? “Impossicant” ‘mi ni ko le posibu’ even if there is no credible opposition to GEJ/PDP, i would campaign and vote for any other candidate as long as he is not running on PDP’s platform and he is not a fresh Decampee. The mission in 2015 is simple, #kickpdpoutatalllevels# FULL STOP!


  2. growing up with my parents i was surrounded by people who thought all Nigerian politicians were liars and once you get into office the power seduces you and you join ‘the dark side’, in my foolish optimistic mind i vehemently protested that opinion because surely, there were those who were still pure whose heart was still with the people but with each passing year that is being stripped away so should the time come to vote i’ll place it not on the hope of change but because a guy has to choose the lesser of two evils


  3. Staying at home isn’t an option and our destiny lies in our hands.Some1 said he would rather die fighting than back away in fear.This,we must adopt.Seemingly against all odds,fight we must,against all hope,hope we must until we see d new Nigeria birthed.I have fallen more in love with Buhari with each day passing and I hope God gives us another opportunity to bring ds man of excellent spirit n Integrity in power 1ce again.all demons be damned.


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