Cloud Atlas

This movie looks weird maybe because I couldn’t understand anything about it from the trailer.


Another thing that makes it weird is the length of it’s trailer; 5.42 minutes as opposed to the usual 1.32 minutes or 2.45 minutes.

I must watch it when it comes out sha. If only to make sure that I understand what message they are trying to pass across.



Life's stories


I wrote this for Nigeria Dialogue in February, 2012. You can see it here.   I used to think that Lagos was no man’s land until my encounter with Lagos landlords. I’m presently searching for a house for my sister and I to stay in. It has been an arduous journey, I tell you. I… Continue reading LAGOS – NO MAN’S LAND?

Life's stories

Okada: Dare Devil Or Dear Angel?

  I wrote this for Nigeria Dialogue in March, 2012. You can see it here.   So much has been said about the ‘menace’ called okada. I have heard tales about how many people have been killed because the riders do not make good use of their brains when riding. They have been called roaches, ants and… Continue reading Okada: Dare Devil Or Dear Angel?


Love Can Break Your Fall

There was a time in my life when all that mattered was music. I was a walking radio. I knew the lyrics of almost all the songs. Music saved me, showed me a better way & renewed my confidence in humanity. My mother introduced us to music. When we were all very young, she would… Continue reading Love Can Break Your Fall