Okay so, I lost my movie mojo for sometime because it seems Hollywood has just been spewing rubbish! I mean, look at The Baby Makers. I thought it would be a lovely romantic comedy but it was just bleh. The other day, Famuyide Olawale asked for some movie suggestions and I couldn’t give him any because I have decided to go back and watch old movies I haven’t seen. It’s that bad.

But I still  have hope. I haven’t been able to See People Like Us. No cinema is showing it… *cough cough*



As I usually do, I went to imdb and youtube to see what movies are coming soon and I saw this one with Common and a young boy. I started liking Common’s acting after Just Wright and I can see he did quite well in this one. It’s called LUV and I think it will be interesting. The beautiful Meagan Good is in it too.



This other one is about an innocent guy from the Middle East who entered America on the 10th of September 2001. This is how, in one moment, a life can change course…



Now, the subject matter of The Sessions is very interesting to me. It appears this man has been paralysed since birth so he wants to know what it feels like to have sex so he goes to confess to a father and also asks for permission. It’s interesting that he was given permission to go and experience sex from a leader in the church seeing as the Bible does not support sex outside marriage. I would like to watch it and see where it goes.



And then there’s Pitch Perfect!!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!



Here are some others I’m looking forward to too;








That’s all folks!







8 thoughts on “Movies!

  1. I love how you write. Very….involving. I feel I’m right beside you and your excitement is contagious.
    That said, I’m off to the dark side of torrent downloads 🙂


  2. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Glad you’ve got your mojo back love. Wondered where it’d gone….*Yeah, we noticed* Great to have you back. But na wa ooo dear, na all of them you wan go watch wen dem come out? Money ooo, money ooo, po, po po. E po, po po….LOL!!!!


  3. U really are hilarious! But u spoke the truth. All the major hollywood blockbursters av seemingly been disappointing esp since this year,I thought I was the only one who felt that way being the buff that I am. I won’t give up though and FYI I am a catholic and we don’t support sex outside marriage. Don’t mind those foolish people tryin to give the church a bad name in other to make money. God is watching them(just to clear the air bout that)


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