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My Neighbours Are Serial Murderers

I just discovered that my brother, Obinna has a flair for writing, I guess it’s in the blood. Please enjoy…

My brother, Obinna Jasper Ezeokeke

My neighbours; serial murderers they are. Skillfully trained in the art of assassination and the rhythmical disintegration of human flesh with ‘fire’. . .

It is no secret anymore, because around 2am till 5am every day I hear the screams that keep me up all night. Uh, did I mention that the victims getting murdered at the whim of my neighbors were ‘demons’? Yeah that’s kinda odd right? I mean, I hear all the yelled threats of arson from next door and never have I heard the victim screeching in pain or shouting mindlessly.

My neighbors; they are MAFIA! They even ‘waste’ their human enemies, I hear all about it from next door.

Oh my God! Lord please keep me SAFE from harm IN JESUS NAME!”

It’s kinda weird though that they always seem to say ‘In Jesus name’ too after all the death threats to humans and promises of arson…

Huh? Perhaps they got it all wrong. Oh! There it goes again; they’re burning a man now, telling him to ‘catch fire’. I better keep my head down before I become a threat and get myself killed.  I am absolutely terrified, even their 7 year old male toddler is in on it *absolute shock*. He’s yelling ‘die die’, like the soundtrack from a creepy horror movie – I always suspected there was something up with that kid, too much TOOTH IN HIS GRIN.

This is too much for me to handle. I think I should call the cops on them. Oh, wait! This is Nigeria, no one really has a functional police emergency number on speed dial anyway *rolls eyeballs*.

It’s almost 5am and their howling tempo is beginning to drop… *sigh*

It’s a sad story, one more dead man sliding right under my nose.  You know what hurts the most? To think they call themselves RELIGIOUS.

The father of my neighbors’ family just spoke; did that man just say “THANK YOU GOD” for MURDER???

That’s it, I’m off to sleep!!!




Very beautiful, if I do say so myself…




16 thoughts on “My Neighbours Are Serial Murderers

  1. What is “hilarious” about this, cant u guys see that Obinna is in trouble, infact, very serious trouble. I pray his neighbours are BLOODY ILLITERATES, otherwise, he will be a gonna. Holy Ghoooosssssst!!!!!! “Faaaayaaaaaaaa”


  2. Hahahahahaha!!!! Ok, I can’t stop laughing either.

    Started reading with furrowed brow and frightened face and was also like “Ijeoma had better advice Jasper to leave that place at once”, his neighbours are maniacs!!! But along the line I caught up with the humour behind it all and I couldn’t help LOL!!!

    This thing sure runs in the blood, he is good with words.

    This is a “bahd” debut. Thumb up bro! 😀


  3. Religion is keeping many in bondage… CHRIST brought salvation to set us free, but some choose to remain bound by religion. *sigh*

    A well written piece. Depicts the religious Nigeria of today.


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