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Elo ni mo san…

E lo ni mo san fun oba ogo, elo ni Jesu mi gba? E lo ni mo san fun oba ogo, fun ore re lori mi?”

(Thanks to Adetoro for the lyrics)

“How much can/will I give to God for ALL He has done for me? How much will be enough?”

My heart is full of gratitude to God, my creator and the Giver of Life. I have made a decision to be grateful for each day He gives me, to be grateful for the breath of Life in my nostrils, to be thankful for where I am right now and not be resentful of where I thought I should have been by now.

I heard of a flat that got burnt in my friend’s estate. The occupants had gone to church on the first Sunday of the year only to come home to no home. I can imagine their pain and the feeling of loss. I ask myself how they are supposed to be grateful to God this year and I try to put myself in their shoes – will I still maintain a heart of gratitude in such circumstances?

Still, I am grateful for life…

For my siblings – that amazing bunch of people who are forever there for me, for my darling Adams who shows me unconditional love, who teaches me the way of the Lord, who bears with all my skoin skoins. I love you and I am always thankful to God that our paths crossed the way it did.

I am grateful for my wonderfully beautiful friends who have stood with me and by me through the years – always encouraging, giving and trusting. I am so grateful for you and I love you.

For the friends I have garnered via social media, I am grateful for your friendship through the ‘wires’ and ‘wireless’.

This year, I want to give – my time, (some) of my money :D, my expertise and anything He tells me to give. To whom much is given, much is expected. I have been given much and now is the time to impart and give back.

I want to be an answer to prayer(s), I want God to use me to answer someone’s prayers.

This I pray… Amen.

I wish you a year where nothing will be impossible… may your cars run on water 😀

Have an amazing year ahead!



19 thoughts on “Elo ni mo san…

  1. Wow…went to Church…and returned to ashes. May God provide for your friend and her/his family. Amen.

    These days we mostly feel we deserve all the blessings we enjoy not realising it is a priviledge for which we must constantly give thanks.


  2. . . .coming home to no home (an aborted expectation) – tears, pain and blood; may God’s grace abound towards the family, to build a better place. Amen.

    This calendar year (by His grace), I want to dwell – meditate, consider, inquire – in the house of my Lord; that He’ll be my light (enough of my physical eyes) and my salvation (enough of my physical strength).

    I want to be an answer to someone’s prayer! Amen!!

    Regards to your darling Adams,
    Adesanya Rapheal. Iretiayo


  3. Nice one dear, succintly written. And when you said how you pray to be an answer to someone’s prayer, I just thought of how much of an answer to my prayer you have been 🙂


  4. Ij,
    Life is a gift, we will continue to hold it dear and give praise to the giver of life on a daily basis. You have indeed been a blessing to so many people but your desire to do more shall surely be granted by God.
    This year, my desire is to work in His will and delight Him more, I also desire to praise Him more without expecting anything in return.
    May the Lord grant all our heart desires according to His will concerning us.
    To those in your friends estate with burnt apartment, I know the Lord will meet their needs. To us all beliving God for strength and the grace to serve Him better than year before, May His grace be made sufficient to us.
    Have a beautiful year ahead.


  5. Hmm…for those that their apartment got burnt, God has a better option for them i know that for sure. May God grant us all our heart desire!


  6. Like watching a movie and feeling you are a part of it, only to realise it is not African magic but reality! Seven years ago precisely Dec 31/Jan 1 2006, my family experienced as the Bible would say the “taking out of the old to establish the new”. (In retrospect, we can say that now)

    The 3-bedroom apartment built in a “BQ style”, like a house being bull-dozed just got razed to the ground. I mean I stood and watched as walls were tearing apart. E be like film!

    But barely a year after, the God of all possibilities restored and that in a big way. Yes o

    My encouragement and prayers to that family: God will restore and that in a big way! Amen

    And by the way Pearl, I need u to be an answer to my prayer. Thks


    1. That’s true oh Sis Susan. I remember that incident. And it’s already 7 years! Thank God for bringing you out of it in a big way. There is still so much more in store for you and yours 🙂

      Which one of your prayers do you need me to be an answer to? 😀


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