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God Bless The USA





So this song has been done by a number of Americans including my girl, Beyoncé but I think the original is by Lee Greenwood. I have been listening to it a whole lot recently especially since my meeting with Bankole where we discussed a lot of things among which was patriotism.
He said something that has been bugging me, he said that almost every American movie, series, song in fact everything they do is laced with patriotism – this deep rooted love for their fatherland and genuine willingness to lay down their lives for their country. This is something I can’t really say we have in Nigeria but the point is that it is taught and infused into their mind and system every day and at every turn.

Do you understand what I am saying?

They have made it more than just patriotism gan sef.  It makes their heart beat and their blood pump. When I sing this song, I actually believe I am American. That’s how bad it is and how good they are. I also love their anthem. LOVE it!

“I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free… Cos there ain’t no doubt I love this land.”

I love Nigeria. There is no doubt about that at all. I just wish things were a little (a whole lot) different. Nigeria can be very annoying and tiring and frustrating but here, I am a first class citizen (though that doesn’t really mean much now), there, I will be a second class citizen. Nigeria needs saving but she frustrates and rejects almost every effort put into doing so. My eyes will still see her rise again.

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


The Nigerian Flag
The Nigerian Flag




2 thoughts on “God Bless The USA

  1. Just last week i was discussing this same topic with a couple of friends…. You write like you took words out of my mouth

    when you see how much respect and patriotism citizens of other countries have for their country and even their flag, “ordinary flag oooo”, you’ ll wonder…..

    Was watching an India movie and i saw the effort a little girl made to rescue a little flag she playing with, while doing that she sustained some injuries because she had to do some stunt to safe the flag from falling and i am like …!!! all this in bid to save a paper flag? But that is it…seem their Patriotism is innate, comes natural.

    *deep sigh*

    I love Nigeria ooo and i am one of the hopeful Nigeria that believes someday soon Nigeria will be better and then we’ll have proud Patriots…


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