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Kidnapping: Our Experience by Alan Chibuike


Kidnapping has grown in notoriety amongst the inglorious list of Nigeria‘s insecurity problems. This crime is more common in the South Eastern and Niger Delta regions where it is a daily occurrence to kidnap wealthy and industrious citizens for ransom. It is sad that kidnapping is gradually creeping into Lagos.

My family unfortunately have been victims twice this year. First was in February 2013, God in His mercies granted an escape from the kidnap attempt though with a bullet wound. That episode ended with the arrest of the shooter, his accomplice and their juju priest.

The second incident happened in the evening of July 20, 2013 – a nerve rending ordeal.

There is a proverb among the Igbos, “Eburu ozu onuma onye ozo, odika ntipiri osisi”. This simply means that you don’t really feel the pain others are going through when they fall into misfortune, you have to encounter a similar ordeal to truly appreciate their pain.

Truth is you cannot envision the trauma of having a loved one missing, knowing he/she is alive but could be killed at anytime. You can never imagine what a victim goes through each day in the den of gun-welding beasts.

Let me share our experience and some thoughts and things I learnt. I hope you learn too.

To be continued…

Written by Alan Chibuike

On twitter @bykx4

Alan C.
Alan C.

5 thoughts on “Kidnapping: Our Experience by Alan Chibuike

  1. Well, we live in a society where our best solution to everything is prayer. Thank God the writer is alive and well to tell the stories, others are not so lucky or favoured. Insecurity is one thing that should be one the front burner of our national discourse from now till 2015


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