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God is indeed good!

I was reminded of this earlier today when I was stranded in Ogba. That should be a movie title – Stranded in Ogba.

Here comes the cool story…

My madam at the top sent me to the bank to do some transactions. I do not like going into banking halls because of the crowd one has to struggle through. I sha packaged the cheques and my national ID card and a black biro and thought about how much…

Scratch that! I didn’t think at all! I just took two N50 notes from my hand bag and packaged it with the cheques. I think that if I was thinking, what I thought was that I’d be able to get some money from the money I’d get after cashing the cheque.


I got to the bank and after some complications, had to pay the cheque into my account instead. I spent N50 to get to the bank and when I was done, I realized that the N50 left will not get me back to my office. Omo, see prayer! I started calculating who to ask for N50 while begging and pleading with God to just do one miracle for me with immediate effect.

One day, Red and I were standing at an ATM in Pen Cinema and a young guy walked up to us to ask for money to eat and to catch a bus back to work. I am always moved by such stories but God sent me Red to put a check to some of my stupidity. Red asked me, “If you were stranded and had to get to work or to somewhere, what would you do?” I said I’d try to reach whoever it was I was going to see or call a colleague to come out and meet me with the transport fare at a certain point. Then he said he knew the guy was lying about going to work because he should have done something akin to that.

So na so I come dey think of who to call to rescue me or how to just walk up to some stranger and ask for N50 to get me back to my office. I couldn’t decide on a way out but I sha carriedΒ a Keke Napep going to Ogba to connect another Keke that would take me to Akilo road. The Keke to Ogba would cost N30 but the one to Akilo would be N50.

When I got to Ogba, I was so absent-minded and lost in thought that I didn’t alight when the Keke got to the point where everyone was supposed to come down. Plus he hadn’t given me my N20 change yet. I thought I could at least show the Akilo Keke guy that I had some money oh, just not enough, but this Keke guy no come get change at all. So I was still inside his Keke when he turned around to go back to Ogba bus stop to pick passengers going to Berger.

That’s how I just stood at Ogba bus stop – stranded and totally blank.

30 seconds later, I turn to my left and a very familiar car, plate number and The New Anointing sticker smack dab in the middle of their windscreen, is sitting in line waiting for the traffic warden to pass them. I didn’t even wait for my brain to register that I knew those plates before I started frantically waving them down. The fear of them driving off without ‘saving’ me was so paralyzing… and scary!

“Abeg, I just need N50 to get back to work abeg. Just N50.”

But the wife didn’t have N50 neither did the husband.

“Even if na N100 sef, just gimme make I go work.”

Then she emptied her pocket and just gave me all the cash that fell out – N1,350.

All this happened within seconds so that when they drove off, I was overwhelmed with love and thanksgiving and gratefulness and just a VERY good feeling!

♬ Thank you for saving me, thank you my Lord. Thank you for saving me, thank you my Lord. ♬

♬ Imela zoputam, imela oh. Imela zoputam, imela oh! ♬

The ones God sent to deliver me! Halleluyyuuurrrr!
The ones God sent to deliver me! Halleluyyuuurrrr!

Thank you John and Adaora Onyema. You are the definition of God-sent.

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰


I forgot to add that Adaora is my elder sister πŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “I have a TESTIMONY!

  1. I.J,
    Na wa 4u o! The flow in your writing is so captivating, that I just want to read to the end. “Thank you John and Adaora Onyema. You are the definition of God-sent”.
    My trekking stories plenty well well o; like from Anthony to Ogba (I was less-off 70card & I forgot my card holder on my desk at work); trekking from Akiode estate to Oshodi – LASTMA yard (ATM f**k-up); feats of LRA to Ogba (NO tp at all – plenty); my record smasher – all the way from TBS to Mushin (after the 2009 Experience program, no transport at all).
    In all of my trekking or walking (tush english), the wrongest thing I’ll do is to ask someone for Tp – 100naira – I don’t have the boldness and I don’t think I will ever have.
    For your experience today & the sharing on this platform. . .thumbs-up to you & my regards to oga Adams.


  2. God is indeed our present help in time of need. The part I really like is how He sent the help through someone you could ask…Just so you don’t wee on yourself from fear of asking a total stranger.


  3. God is confirmed Akpo aza and he does it in style, led u to board a keke with no change so could be delayed till a familiar help comes, people who wont judge you.
    Put Ije, why u go carry only 100 box sef? You fit trek from ogba to office na, all na exercise to keep fit πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    Meanwhile Raphael, are you sure it isnt your picture that is on Johnny Walker bottle? I bet you are slim, with this ya record breaking waka about


  4. I was sent to pick some amount at Ipodo, Ikeja. Instead of going straight, I went to play football, I was playing for Golden Fluminence back then in Agege. By the time the training session ended, I could not find the T/fare. I could not go back home, so I trekked down to Pen Cinema. I approached the conductor and explained myself, he promised to help but that I should not sit down. What a pleasant condition, just to hang by the door of the bus to Ikeja, no problem. But the shame came like a flood when the were constantly empty seat in the bus but I could not sit as advised by passengers and even the driver because of the conditions of the conductor. i had to come out straight before all and they helped me persuade the conductor to bend the rule…


  5. God is still in the business of answering prayers – regardless of how simple or desperate they may appear. Thanks Sis for sharing this is encouraging.


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