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Set A Fire!

I was supposed to publish this first thing this morning but lots of things got in the way. I wanted to wait till tomorrow morning but I decided to do it now instead of waiting because those things that got in the way today might get in the way tomorrow morning.

God bless you as you read…


Anne Ugobor way back when... :D
Anne Ugobor way back when… 😀

Good morning beautiful people,

It is a brand new day! His mercies towards us are N-E-W!!! Not the leftovers of yesterday. Brand New! Hallelujah! This should cause us to rejoice and be glad in today cos there’s hope.

A cold stove is a sure magnet for flies (at least back home where I come from). Flies are indicative of dirt, filth. But when there is heat or fire, it not only drives away the flies (demons – biblically speaking), but the fire purifies also. Through history, fire (or the heat generated by it) has been used to sterilize.

When there is no fire present, nothing is being prepared, nothing is being cleansed. Nature itself suggests that just merely leaving things as they are is a sure magnet for dirt. Try it yourself – don’t clean your room or dust your furniture for 6 months. Even without actively putting dirt in an environment, it just naturally manifests. Things will get dirty just by existing in the world – in short, nothing cleans itself in nature. Cleanness requires active participation.

The viper that came out of the wood in Acts 28 had always been there. It was when Paul laid the wood on the fire that the viper came out. Without the fire, the viper would have remained in its place.

As servants of the Most High, we cannot afford to be cold or even lukewarm, we must ask The Lord to re-kindle the flames, the passion for His presence, the fire of prayer in our hearts. Without it, the enemy will have a field day, wrecking havoc in our lives. The sad reality is, everything will ‘seem’ normal, cos everything is cold. But I dare you to start a fire and see what begins to jump out of the hidden places where the enemy has infiltrated – don’t just limit this discourse to your personal life, but all around you, your family, your job, everywhere.

We need the fire of God Himself burning constantly. Psalm 50 describes our Father, verse 3 says that a fire devours before Him and all around Him a tempest rages (NIV and AMP). And when God comes as fire, He means to cleanse and purify, and He will judge. Read the entire chapter and see how God speaks to His people. It was not the daily sacrifice/routine (you know, coming to and playing church) that God was interested in. He rebuked the wicked who claimed to be His people, yet their actions/motives were not right. In the final verse, God declares – He who brings an offering of praise and thanksgiving honors and glorifies Me; and he who orders his way aright [who prepares the way that I may show him], to him I will demonstrate the salvation of God. (Psalm 50:23 AMP).

There must, of necessity, be a change in our ways, conversation, manner of life if we are to see the demonstration of God’s salvation. And it begins by asking for FIRE!!!  Too long have we been complacent and idle.





As the fire begins to burn, expect the enemy to get agitated…very agitated. But don’t stop, regardless of what jumps out and fastens itself on you (as the serpent did with Paul). It will not kill you!! You only have to recognize it for what it is – truly, don’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices. I don’t know how to make it any clearer. Bottom line is that things may begin to manifest around you that will discourage you and make you want to stop – the worst question to ask at that time is “why is this happening to me?”  That is the time to fuel the fire with more prayer, more praise, more worship. If you’re overwhelmed, call on brethren to help pray you through, but those vipers, demons etc, they have to go!!!

I pray the Holy Spirit, our Helper, would open our eyes and hearts to see and comprehend and desire a move of God in our lives, that His fire would burn out every impurity in our hearts and cause our offerings and our service in The Lord to be acceptable to God.


God bless you as you SPREAD THE FIRE!




5 thoughts on “Set A Fire!

  1. “A cold stove is a sure magnet for flies” – This statement is very true.
    May God purge us of every viper with his fire and re-kindle his flames within us.

    God bless both the writer & the publisher.


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