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Voting the man not the party

I think I am back to regular programming. I sincerely apologise for the break in transmission and I promise to do better from here on out…

It is like Olatoxic said in this here post, I Forgot, I just forgot how to write.



So, I want to talk about Jimi Agbaje joining the PDP and running for Lagos State governor in 2015.

Jimi Agbaje Joins PDP Ahead Of 2015 Gubernatorial Election In Lagos

I remember that most people were sold on this “voting the man and not the party” thing when GEJ first contested for the presidential elections. Look where we are now. But the thing is, I have always liked Jimi Agbaje and have always wanted him to be governor of Lagos. And the other thing is, I seriously yabbed people who voted for the man and not the party in GEJ’s case.

Jimi Agbaje
Jimi Agbaje

Do you see what I am saying here?

Remember all the “kick PDP out” campaigns and slogans and ish? Well, how do I kick PDP out when I want to vote for Agbaje?

I really like the man and I want to vote for him in 2015.







23 thoughts on “Voting the man not the party

  1. I voted for Jimi Agbaje in 2007 and I’ll vote for him again in 2015 regardless of the platform he’s running on. PDP is messed up, no doubt. But I believe there are a few good men left and it’s only fair to give them the benefit of the doubt come 2015.


  2. Must he call cow brother because he wants to eat meat? Must he rubbish his credeibility cos he wants to be governor? If he’s declares under any other party I will vote but NEVER under PDP.


  3. I feel you. I totally relate with this dilemma. But no, I do not believe I can vote for the man while he stands under that umbrella. Not even after actively campaigning for the man back in 2007 and then voting for him.

    Now, let’s see who/what APC manages to throw up.


  4. One should be careful the camp he or she join @ this point in Nigeria’s politic. if there is going to be contact without contamination, he need his own noble fellow; which I don’t know if he has.


    1. While I share similar tots on dis issue I still believe so much in the personality of the man. From the black pot emanates the white pap or like the bible saying can any good come out of a nazarene(jesus).
      I would still vote and mobilise for him cos I see him as a value driven man


  5. I feel you Pearl, I find PDP as distasteful as you do. However, are the opposition – APC and the rest of them, any better? Are most of them not disgruntled PDP members? Think about it. I think it all boils down to personal vision and capacity. If Fashola was in PDP, he probably still would have done well. If GEJ was in ACN, his tenure would probably still have been shambolic. So go figure. Anyway, the point of all this my story is that I will vote for Jimi Agbaje, whatever party he’s in.


  6. Its a difficult one.. Jimi Agbaje I love and I believe he will make a good Governor, but PDP is just not right,for me the person I will vote for must address certain things, must important one being Alternate mode of transportation. Whoever has a plan for the mad traffic in Lagos will get my Vote. and it had better not be expanding of the roads…


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