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How Does Advertising Work?

I have often wondered about this; how does advertising work? How does the advert of a company’s good/product make me, Ijeoma, buy that good/product?

And believe me, I have seen plenty marvellous adverts especially on Youtube; Van Damme’s epic splitThe T-Mobile Welcome Back ad… If I continue, space no go dey.

And hey, have you seen this very beautiful Pomo Rice advert? I LOVE it!

How many goods have I bought because I saw the advert and I was impressed, and then bought it? How about you, have you had any situation like this? Has advertising worked for you? Please tell me oh ‘cos I really want to know.

Etisalat's Nigerian Idol
Etisalat’s Nigerian Idol

The one that is even more perplexing for me is when Etisalat sponsors Nigerian Idol or MTN’s Project Fame etc.

I understand that they can make money from it from just the text messages you send to vote for contestants but I’m more concerned about if the fact that I’m so happy MTN is sponsoring Project Fame will make me go out and get an MTN line knowing how crappy their service can be.

MTN's Project Fame
MTN’s Project Fame

Will I open another account with GTBank because they are sponsoring a show I like, Gidi Up?

By the way, I tried to open a current account with them; I submitted all the forms they required and what not. It’s been over 2 months and shikom, I haven’t heard from them.

I have ka ha bad.

So, let me know, I’m very interested in how this stuff works.


7 thoughts on “How Does Advertising Work?

  1. LWKMD!!!
    I guess it will take a long lecture to understand how quality adverts play on the human emotion which triggers the need to purchase a particular product or service.


  2. The advertising that you have describe are the tradition intrusion advertising that is known spray-and-pray. Thats because its simply not measurable and ineffective. Thats is why smarter brands across the globe are going the way of measurable and better advertising models. Just to add, 99% of social media advertising in Nigeria is still considered intrusion marketing, so, by new I don’t mean social media advertising unless done rightly.


  3. I was very much younger, I entered a supermarket at Ibadan just to buy some things, a pack caught my attention. It was so beautiful. I picked it up and read. PEANUTS without wasting any time and eager to see what was in this beautiful pack I rushed to the cashier and paid. I ripped open the pack and staring at me was these brownish balls. I quickly sent some into my mouth, chewed fast as one who has been denied food for days only to find out that I was eating groundnut. Come and see my disappointment. Can’t remember if I finished the content of that pack.
    Make una no laugh oooo I just dey enter town then.


  4. For me it’s not about the advert of a product, rather it’s the referrals or testimonies of those who have used and enjoyed the product that makes me consider/purchase such product.

    My believe is that a lot of adverts are superfluous, promising what they can’t deliver or pretending to be the best.
    Don’t blame me, i peak from experience.


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