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How Does Advertising Work?

I have often wondered about this; how does advertising work? How does the advert of a company’s good/product make me, Ijeoma, buy that good/product? And believe me, I have seen plenty marvellous adverts especially on Youtube; Van Damme’s epic split,┬áThe T-Mobile Welcome Back ad… If I continue, space no go dey.

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Breaking Lethargy

My very fondest teenage memories are of Sister Anne Ugobor; her sons, her car, her kitchen, her lovely house in Adeniyi Jones, her TV, her sound system, her original CDs, the smell of her clothes, her love towards me and mine, her delicious food, her big tins of Milo and Peak milk, her smile, her… Continue reading Breaking Lethargy

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Chidinma’s Drawings and Artwork

  My younger sister, Chidinma Kalu, has always known how to draw a good, beautiful picture. I think she is talented and this is my own way of ‘pushing the wheel barrow’ and spurring her on… Here are just a few of her drawings.               Yes, she drew them… Continue reading Chidinma’s Drawings and Artwork

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Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner

The persistent temptation to speak and write my mind without mincing words or punctuation. The need to NOT be politically correct. The urge to write it as it is, to say it as it is without fear and trembling. That immense desire to release the dragon that lies unsettled within, to pour out venom, and… Continue reading Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner

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“A Hole In The Heart”

I have come out of laziness hibernation┬ábecause it is very important that I blog about this… Don’t worry, I will gist you about the laziness very soon in another post but I sincerely apologize for being silent for so long. I mean, it’s been like three months. Three whole months and not one blog post!… Continue reading “A Hole In The Heart”