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The Che’s tweets on Kidnapping

Do not be a prey…   @PearlEze Thank you SO much for this series on your blog. I hope others read it and take the learning points away and never have to use it — Heaven's Girl (@CheRox) November 26, 2013 @PearlEze This kidnapping is really a big issue. There was a kidnap attempt of… Continue reading The Che’s tweets on Kidnapping

Family · God · Kidnapping · Life · Life & Other mysteries · Nigeria

Kidnapping: Our Experience (The Conclusion)

Before you continue, please read Kidnapping: Our Experience by Alan Chibuike and Kidnapping: Our Experience (Day 1 & 2) by Alan Chibuike  and Kidnapping: Our Experience (Day 3 & 4) by Alan Chibuike Day 5: Wednesday, July 24 8:30pm negotiator called asking if we were ready to mourn the victim since we were yet to raise the… Continue reading Kidnapping: Our Experience (The Conclusion)