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Some Christmas cheer for you and yours

I was supposed to put this up on the 24th or the 25th but too many factors militated against it. I had to do this by the skin of my teeth. I almost didn’t put it up at all but I was like, warrahell! So here it is… Merry Christmas everyone. I’d like to share… Continue reading Some Christmas cheer for you and yours

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“A Hole In The Heart”

I have come out of laziness hibernation because it is very important that I blog about this… Don’t worry, I will gist you about the laziness very soon in another post but I sincerely apologize for being silent for so long. I mean, it’s been like three months. Three whole months and not one blog post!… Continue reading “A Hole In The Heart”

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Liebster Awards post

Hello everyone. How has life been on your side of heaven? I hope you are keeping well.  About a week ago, a friend of mine nominated me for something called The Liebster Awards. I had never heard of it before but I thought it would be fun to join in. It is about putting up… Continue reading Liebster Awards post

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Never Give Up

I still remember the day I saw this picture. It stopped me in my tracks. I thought about all the times I had been close to giving up on people, on Nigeria, on issues, on this life, on friends, on dreams… And I thought of all the things I did give up on. I’m sure… Continue reading Never Give Up

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Wow! Scandal! Wow!

  I never thought I would like Kerry Washington, I mean I’ve watched a few of her movies but meennn, she is impressing me in this Scandal, I swear. I now have to choose between Olivia Pope and Alicia Florrick. I don’t know if Kerry is left-handed but Julianna is and I love I that they… Continue reading Wow! Scandal! Wow!

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God Bless The USA

        So this song has been done by a number of Americans including my girl, Beyoncé but I think the original is by Lee Greenwood. I have been listening to it a whole lot recently especially since my meeting with Bankole where we discussed a lot of things among which was patriotism. He… Continue reading God Bless The USA


Cloud Atlas

This movie looks weird maybe because I couldn’t understand anything about it from the trailer.


Another thing that makes it weird is the length of it’s trailer; 5.42 minutes as opposed to the usual 1.32 minutes or 2.45 minutes.

I must watch it when it comes out sha. If only to make sure that I understand what message they are trying to pass across.




Step Up Revolution

Ahhhhhhh! This movie MUST be the BOMB oh! Because the trailer is already make my heart thump real fast!!!! Can you hear it? I have to find a way to watch this in the cinemas oh… And my guy is in it again – Moooooossssseeeee! By the way, can we do protest art in Nigeria?… Continue reading Step Up Revolution