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It’s the big 30! Yaaaayyy!

Where did all the years go?! This is the age my siblings and I referred to as ‘old’ when we were little girls. In some ways, I don’t feel old and in some other ways, I am an old sage, maybe even a wise sage… I miss being young 🙂 I love birthdays. I believe… Continue reading It’s the big 30! Yaaaayyy!

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The FUTURE… A Voyage Into The Unknown

The question of the unknown future and how to confidently reach it is answered by the philosophy; Start with the End in mind. ~Adams Allison~     My darling Adams is having a programme in Benin city from the 30th of May to the 1st of June, 2013. If you’re able to, please attend. You… Continue reading The FUTURE… A Voyage Into The Unknown