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Mo’ Grace is 1

Congratulations Adams my darling, we made it through the first year! Yippee! Isn’t she lovely. . . You know how they say that a woman forgets the travails of pregnancy & birth at the sight of her child? Yyeeeeeaaaahhhhhh! Lol. I had a tough time when I was pregnant with you, Grace. I started throwing… Continue reading Mo’ Grace is 1

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Redemption or Destruction?

“@Miss_Jayla: “Whether good or bad, whether redemptive or destructive, our relationships with our mothers affected us to the core of our beings.”” “Nwa m, just tell the truth and nobody will beat you. What did he do to you? Where did he touch you?” These accusations started 3 years ago when she was 7 years… Continue reading Redemption or Destruction?